Product Overview

JoyMore-6 Machine room-less Elevator features compact structure and vivid design. It integrates the latest technology of IFE and high performance and meets the requirements of public transport facilities, special buildings and residential houses on elevators. The entire elevator is installed in the shaft, so it eliminates the need for the traditional machine room, reduces the cost of building construction, and makes the architectural design more flexible and more adaptable.

Product Features

  • Concise but not simple

    JoyMore-6 machine room-less elevator, simplified design is more conducive to the best performance of architectural aesthetics and effectively improves the utilization rate of building area.
  • Convenient and smooth operation

    Compact structure, easy installation and maintenance meet the requirements of different building designs, advanced drive technology and control technology ensure shock absorption, lower noise, smooth operation, comfortable and no jerking of JoyMore-6.
  • Energy-saving and environment friendly

    JoyMore-6 Elevator saves the construction time and civil construction costs, and directly produces social and economic benefits. Permanent magnet synchronous gearless motor achieves direct drive, so that the elevator has high efficiency. The lift car uses long life LED light to improve the visual effects and make the energy saving more significant. The motor no need lubrication and thus reduces oil pollution.