Product Overview

Metis-HS high-speed elevator series demonstrate the “Moving & Serving” spirit of IFE Elevators vividly; efficient, high-end and natural design concept creates a new standard for urban business carrying, and achieves microcomputer, modular, network control and other intelligent management through intelligent control system, which is not only efficient and fast, but also user-friendly.

Product Features

  • High-speed CPU ensures fast running, stable and reliable performance

    Metis-HS uses serial data communication between the control panel, car and landings; the standard CAN BUS features high technological content, advanced technology, high reliability and anti-jamming, greatly reduces wiring and connectivity, and significantly improves the flexibility of functional processing. Digital fault display reserves a common computer fault repair interface for easy maintenance.
  • Automatic speed control

    Use the most advanced digital computer control rod-less timing belt variable frequency door operator, which can adjust the speed automatically; the opening time can be automatically adjusted according to the HOP, which is easy to use. If the landing doors have different torques, the door opening/closing torque can be adjusted automatically, so the door opening/closing performance is significantly improved. Elevator doors open and close smoothly and safely, greatly reducing the failure rate and cost.
  • Low noise & energy-saving

    The voltage and frequency can be continuously adjusted according to the speed and load needs, which save about 35% energy comparing with traditional drive system.
  • Safe and reliable

    Light curtain and mechanical safety edge are available for the protection system of the car door; intensive light curtain formed by the infrared rays can detect any minor obstacles and re-open the door quickly to provide safety guarantee for passengers.
  • More comfortable

    Ideal running speed curve is designed and created by the computer to accurately adjust the speed of the AC motor through vector control software and ensure smooth start and stop and also accurate leveling.