Product Overview

IFE adopts mature car lift technology and develops FPA series car elevator after absorption, transformation and upgrading. The advanced technology eliminates the noise generated by increased load of the traction system due to the uneven force of the car and car shaking therefrom, and optimizes the characteristics of this series of products. FPA series car elevator features simplified equipment and easy operation: the same parking space can be used many times; small footprint suitable for a variety of places; beautiful appearance, easy, fast and safe access; large car area suitable for all types of cars.

Product Features

  • Flexible adoption of the machine room: No machine room required

    low construction strength requirement: the building is not subject to vertical force, so that the strength requirement is reduced.

    Less area: no transfer lane is needed. 

    Large load: facilitate the vertical transport of various types of vehicles.

  • High security

    Integrate a variety of safety devices to ensure smooth and safe operation and protect your cars.