Product Overview

Bring luxury into the field of vision, and make concision into elegance. IFE BUILDINGN EYE panoramic elevator integrates beautiful shape, luxurious interior, stylish design and wide vision, and lets you enjoy the dignity in the elevator. The ceiling and floor correspond to each other, and metal car door and transparent glass complement each other; the entirety reflects modern fashion atmosphere, and has been welcomed by the passengers for many years.
IFE BUILDINGN EYE panoramic elevator exaggerates the architectural features and aesthetics of IFE vividly, and makes IFE BUILDINGN EYE rich in imagination both inside and outside the building.

Product Features

  • Safe and reliable

    Use self-generating energy consumption brake to effectively prevent car movement. Safety parts designed and manufactured by IFE gather decades of professional experience, and its safety performance has been rigorously certified.
  • Fashion design

    Focus on providing perfect solutions for buildings, integrate the modern aesthetic art and architectural design ideas perfectly, and use diversified performance techniques to provide ubiquitous visual enjoyment for you.
  • Space enjoyment

    180 degrees transparent car provides all-round visual experience, so that you can stay in the scenery and enjoy the city view. Get rid of the restriction of building and make the elevator part of the view.
  • Energy saving expert

    Use permanent magnet synchronous gearless traction technology to ensure more significant energy saving: the energy consumption is only 65% ​​of traditional elevators.