Panoramic Elevator


BUILDING-EYE is integrated transportation between passenger and architecture. It just like the eyes of building let the architecture character to outpour completely. The 270 degree perspective will not make passenger to absent each external scenery; which is a unification of architectural function and visual aesthetics sense


Machine roomless and compact machine room structure, each alternative can meet your multiple building design requirements.

  • 64 bits micro computer with three 8 bits sub micro
    Serial access communication technology
    Group control system up to 8 elevators (Option)
    Permanent Magnet Gearless tract machine.
    Compare to traditional traction machine, it saves energy consumption more than 40%.
    It is designed for sound environmentally friendly, the noise range is generally be low 5 ~ 10 decibels.
    It has Long service life, safe and reliable.
    No oil, it does not need to be lubricated.
    Save more construction space for our customers.
    Synchronized belt drive with big driving capacity and higher control accuracy.
    Door operator install on the top of elevator car directly and it can be adjusted conveniently.
    Rated frequency conversion motor with low frequency and large moment force.
    Advanced VVVF digital motor processor and IPM intellectualized power module.
    It uses operation front panel with digital display.