Entire Solution

IFE provide a series of services to support our customers – architects, consultants, builders, real estate developers; from design, construction to maintenance and modernization of their buildings.

We hope our service support can help you to achieve the business target, since we believe this is the most important value to both of us.

  • Consultation

    IFE provides CAD drawings to help the customers to get the right solution of the building construction. The professional design helps our customer to maximize their elevator car size and achieve the maximum business value to the building owner.

  • Maintenance

    IFE offers maintenance and monitoring solutions that maximize reliability and safety while minimizing downtime and costs. The 24/7 IFE Customer Care Center™ is equipped with the global E-Senser system that tracks operation information, service records and technical data of the equipment.
    We are providing spare parts procurement services to global customers and IFE elevator & escalator maintenance units. To purchase spare parts of IFE, customers need to provide us with the name, specification and photograph of spare parts, as well as the related nameplate on the elevator/escalator motor, clear photograph of nameplate on the control panel and the detailed address of installation. Last but not least, contact us via following email and phone for enquiry, quotation and  delivery information.

  • E-Senser

    IFE has developed a set of remote monitoring system, named E-Sensor, to guarantee the safety of passengers. Engineers are able to monitor the operation of each elevator all days through the service network.